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The Way - Meditation Garden

The Way
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"If we really want to pray, we must first learn to listen; for in the silence of the heart God speaks." - Mother Teresa, Everything Starts From Prayer

One of the many blessings our church has is our spacious grounds which unfortunately go virtually unused. Realizing a need to have a communal space for quiet reflection in order to calm the soul allowing for one’s mind to rest and replenish their soul, a local artist has designed a project centered around meditation for our church. Inspired by the peaceful grounds of the church property the artist has designed a meditation garden that will also serve as an outdoor worship space.

The meditation garden will feature a labyrinth. While often confused with a maze, a labyrinth is a single path that meanders around the walkway from the edge to a central point with no alternate path choices. Once the labyrinth walker reaches the center they exit the labyrinth by the same path in reverse. A labyrinth is used as a meditative walk and symbolizes our life’s journey as a three fold process. It begins as one travels to the center. This part of the walk serves as a time of preparation to quiet the mind, body and soul enabling the whole self to come to the center with an open heart and mind. The center is a place to suspend the outer clutter and focus on reflecting and opening the self to the still quiet voice speaking to the heart. The walk continues as one exits from the center. As one journeys back “home” to the starting point, one brings along the peace and inward reflection gained during the experience. Labyrinths are found in cathedrals dating back to the 12th century. They are a tool of spiritual growth, and for many the journey they take in the labyrinth mirrors their life’s journey.

There is a great need in our personal and spiritual lives for a space like this as we are consumed by the ever-hurried daily life. This project will complement our church’s current vision and mission to serve our church family and our surrounding community with hopes of also serving our global community.

Though our time line for the project relies heavily upon raising the full amount needed for the project, we are confident that the opening of the meditation garden will coincide with our church’s 175th anniversary in 2014. As funds are raised we are gathering materials for its completion. It is our hope that we reach our goal in time to install the meditation garden mid-spring - early summer of 2014. We move closer to completion with each monetary sum received. We are offering memorial and in honor of paver bricks as a fundraiser. At the entrance to the garden there will also be a bronze alloy plaque to honor larger donations. Forms may be downloaded or picked up in the church office. A paver brick sells for $100 and has three lines with fifteen characters each for you to personalize the paver. During the installation of the meditation garden these bricks will be placed in the walkway that leads up to the labyrinth. Also, at the entrance to the garden there will also be a bronze alloy plaque to honor larger donations of $500 or more. For more information call the church office or contact Carmen Kyle cbeier@sbcglobal.net or 636-675-0569.